Saturday, January 01, 2005


Happy New Year Everyone,

--It's been a while. I know, I know, I didn't deliver promised goods. I had a focus shift; a big one. I stopped caring about redvsblue, A-Squared, runescape, etc. I paid attention more to who I was, and more importantly, who my friends were. I spent the time basically hanging with my friends; fostering relationships. If that's selfish, then I'm a miser. Humbug I say!

--This blog has no importance compared to the everyday happenings of life. The small group of people who actually read this probably talk to me anyway, or don't feel enough weight in a stranger's words to reflect on what they read. I realized I needed to spend time with people who I actually can be heard by, and who will respond as well. It is on this note that I'd like to shout out to all the people who I have interacted with over the past week or so. You all know who you are.

--Though it will be delayed, Video One will come out rather soon, because I owe it to at least myself to see this project through. I don't know if this comic will come out at all; I'm not sure anyone cares. Maybe I'll think of someway to gain at least a small following for A-Squared before I do anything else. Stay tuned for further updates.



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