Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Nerd Alert!


--It's official, I'm a geek. Where did I go wrong? Was it the four hours I spent yesterday on my A-Squared blog working on the Javascript? The postings I recently made on the Webdesigner forums? Or maybe the three hours I spent tryng to get banned from IRC (Internet Relay Chat), and succeeding in my effort? Whatever the cause, I am now, on record, a geek. Or "Super Geek" according to, which hosts the first and foremost internet Geek Test, on which I got a 47.75%.

--The only thing that saved me from uber-dorkage was my lack of any knowledge whatsoever in terms of Star Trek. I literally have never seen a full episode. I couldn't even name five characters on the show. Let's see... Spock for sure... Data? Yeah, that sounds right... Captain Pickard, spelled something like that... And um, Wolf?... Maybe... He was that dude with the wierd face. Ya, that's as far as I can remember from what I've heard from others or Futurama (which I have seen everything imaginable about; no really, if you wanna throw down, I'll quote specific commentaries on episodes). Hmmm... I guess your a nerd for reading this though, so I don't feel too bad.

--On the subject of geekiness, You can download the Halo POI Video One Teaser from the Official A-Squared Productions Blog it is a very high quality compared to the Video Two files. Anyway, hope you check it out and above all else, have a great tomorrow!



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