Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Have a Happier Day!

Hey all,

--I realize how hard it is to stand back and appreciate, with so much occupying our minds. I mean, geez. With terrorism, crime, natural disasters, nuclear weapons, and the boogeyman hiding under your bed, one can hardly hope to retain his/her own sanity for a season. At least I have the fortune of not having to worry about that. (Marshmallows are sticky!) So while this may be difficult, I wish for your sake that you try what I am about to ask you to try.

--I want you to take a deep breath. Deeper. Come on; in the nose, out the mouth. Even deeper. Now take three more, slowly. After having done this, I want you to think of three things that make you acutely happy. Anything, from iPods to Llamas to Toes to Silly Putty. In my case the three things are tiny kittens, my friends, and my girlfriend's smile. Be creative. When you have your three glad-items, I would like you to find a way to interact with each one some how. If its a person, call or meet them. A place, go there or find a picture of it. You have the limitless power of the internet at your disposal.

--The purpose of all this is to be happier. It's that simple. So much strength is lost when we are depressed and unconfident, which is why it feels so rejuvinating when we smile and laugh. I know some of you may be thinking that I've hugged one too many rainbows over the break, and while I may be a sixteen year-old Lennon reject, that doesn't the fact that a little laughter goes a long way.

--I remember a few years ago I heard on the radio this 'ad' (for lack of a better term) that was just a group of babies giggling to the hearts' content. For no reason their were infants laughing, first softly, but soon much louder and joyous. You couldn't help but laugh. Pretty soon the five of us in the car were crying tears of joy like the babies on the radio. The recorded laughter faded out and a sole voice said,

--"Laughter; it's contagious."

--I'll try and find it online and post it so you can hear. Hopefully if the above exercise didn't work or seemed stupid, this will do a better job of making you smile.



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