Friday, December 03, 2004

A Wonderful Day and a Well-Owed Explaination

Happy Day Everyone!

--Today my friend Drew and I presented our project! We did it at lunch and invited about thirty people, plus the teacher. We said our intro then played the first video with us orating our project (the pre-recorded machinima moment we didn't speak though), and then the second vid standing alone and the crowd loved it! They went literally wild! People we're coming up to us who we didn't know afterward asking about it! Could I see it? What exactly is it about? Can I get a copy? So cool...

--Then our teacher came back to us and asked if we would show it to the entire physics department! WOW! Were going to show it next week to all the physics classes. Until then we're recording all of the oration for the DVD, and, having finished with the layout, creating all of the menus and what-not. I'm now (this very momment actually) uploading the footage we didn't use from our 3 hour recording session to make a bonus video showing how one can reproduce what we did.

--What we did is (I realized now that I never really explained) we created a project that demonstrated force, gravity, and inertia (project requirements was for three concepts) as well as Newton's laws, with comical dialogue and video to go along with. To demonstrate we used a warthog and a few grenades. After meeting what the project required and then some, we asked the audience to figure out a simple math problem: If a couple grenades were able to move the object in a desired way, what happens if you multiply that force, let's say...ten times or so? Enter Video Two, which was inspired heavily by warthog jump (whose record we severly owned) as well as a little red vs. blue. It is timed to this awesome mix of Final Fantasy (first vid had a lot of guitar) and is about the same length as the first video (about eight minutes each; intro is about five). At the end is a blooper reel in black and white that is fuzzy, jitters, and has those lines from old reels to make it look like antique stock footage (as similar to title screen) with the end of the mix (soft, nostalgic part of it) weaving in and then the credits and production logo (eerie noise with it), and I'm spent.

--If you're at all interested, email me at to learn more or tune in here every now and then for updates. I am currently developing (along with Drew and a select group of others) a machinima as well, entitled "War -> Hell", using Call of Duty. It's a very dramatic Serio-Comic, with flashes of comedy thrown in as well as side and inside jokes for machinima fans, satirizing war, but in the past (reference to recent events is a big no-no, though jokes alluding to future events). The first episode will hopefully come out at the end of June/early July (school takes up soooo much time) entitled "Shattered Vessels".

--I am starting to ramble (starting-yeah right) so I'll finish this up. If anyone who reads this is interested in seeing my Halo project, please feel free to ask for a DVD. They're free (see previous post) and in my and about thirty others' opinion (hopefully more next week) really awesome. You have nothing to lose by getting one (if you don't like it, send it back, or play baseball with it like we all do with those damn AOL cds--no, just me? It's pretty fun, I have a soft wooden bat that I use that has tons of blue shards sticking out of it; it is starting to look like a mace of sorts. You ought to try it some time...)



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