Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A-Squared Productions Updates

It's that time again,

--K, so here's the scoop. I have had multiple requests for the DVD, which the production of is sadly going to have to wait about two months for. Yah, it sucks. Because of this, I am going to attempt to make amends by releasing a Flash Still-Animation Comic that I started for a computer class final and fell deeply in love with. It's called 'Life As You Knew It'.

--The first comic which, will be fully developed by Thursday and hopefully online by Saturday, is called 'Under the Lens' and tells you nothing of the plot whatsoever but is filled with some good action scenes. Oh, and there's guns. Consider it a teaser. If anyone actually downloads it I'll post more strips, and if not, maybe I'll just keep it for myself. It is really well drawn and I did a LOT of experimentation with three-dimensional scenes with three points of reference. You have nothing to loose and won't be disappointed.

--While the above project is basically an A-To-The-First Production (because so far I am its only parent), Drew will be joining up shortly (after he gets some well earned sleep).

--As I preach, if your at all interested, drop me an email at ajman098@yahoo.com. I'm thinking of making an A-Squared dedicated google account and blog so as to get twice the bloggage. What do you think? 'Til next time.



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