Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Apologies First,

--I am happier now, having eaten, shaved, cleaned my ears, and done some late homework. I am sorry for wasting no-one's time on my last post as nobody visited my blog, but I was at the end of a thin rope. I realize now that I should have just suspended my preoccupations with my friends, because I know they would support me. I went to school a miserable ball of unhappiness, and with the help of some of my more atuned friends was able to uplift my spirits. It's ironic how the ones that I thought I was sharing a burden for were so quick to my side when they sensed I was down. Maybe the moral is to support others as they support you, creating one of those illusionary structures that can only be considered real in its own plane of reality.

--I am going to keep my 'silent scream' post on my site as a reminder to myself as to the unseen strength of others upholding me just as I see my self providing for them. My offer still stands for anyone who wishes to talk or just hum. I honestly don't mind. Unfortunately, numberwise, my blog isn't making the mainstream. It's like a salmon swimming in a smaller, separate river than all the others to the spawning ground.

--Oh yeah, my knee is acting up. When I was about five, I fell and my knee hit a curb such that the kneecap forced its way through the skin. Yah...Ouch. I am still rather athletic, but during the colder winter months (December and January), it will tighten and become painful to move. I don't really mind, though. I can still hold my own against the world. I am going to follow this post directly with some updates on A-Squared Productions' upcoming stuff as well as a little piece I wrote for an intro to an end. So stay tuned (all zero of you must be riveted).



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