Thursday, December 02, 2004

Religion, Quantum Physics, and the Letter 'm'


--This is a special treat, as I had a rewarding conversation over AIM today (or yesterday I guess because it's around 3 in the morning now...whatever) with a recent acquaintance of mine, named Zenny (no that's not her real name but it will suffice) who I became friends with on the massive online multiplayer game 'runescape'. (my character's name is 'gogorkygo' in case any current players want to visit me on the game...yah) This is an excerpt from it that was sparked when the Christian Zenny asked the Atheistic Gorky why he didn't believe in God...

--I am sorry beforehand if some of my quantum physics/computing references are incorrect, but this is the best understandment I could muster from the articles I've read.

--As always feel free to post your own opinions, comments, and/or questions. (If you have any comments/questions for Zenny, make sure you address them to her and I will forward them her way.)

Zenny: im curious.. why do you believe there is no god.. if you dont mind me asking
Ajman098: i believe that god for most is an exterior conscience guiding their lives
Ajman098: I feel that if one is strong enough
Ajman098: he or she can transform it into an internal conscience
Ajman098: if that is how they wish to live
Ajman098: i wish to live internally while others live externally
Zenny: as in yourself being your own god or what?
Ajman098: i see both as accurate and healthy lifestyles
Ajman098: nono i am not god, but i see the morals embedded in god reflected on the human race
Ajman098: i feel that the power to change, believe, think, feel, live is a product of our internal spiritual strength
Ajman098: and god is a way some people express that
Zenny: where do you think that internal "conscience" is
Zenny: or what i mean
Zenny: sorry
Ajman098: the mind/heart
Zenny: do you think there is a difference between the Christians, islam, hindu, etc
Zenny: gods
Ajman098: hmmm i think they are all guiding lights
Ajman098: God is different for everyone
Ajman098: religious or not
Zenny: yeah
Ajman098: because we reflect ourselves upon Him/Her
Ajman098: and we are all unique and special
Zenny: yes
Zenny: wow you have a very interesting point of view
Ajman098: Thank you
Zenny: hehe your welcome
Zenny: how do you think the earth was created
Ajman098: oi
Zenny: lol
Ajman098: i think the earth always was just as the universe was
Ajman098: and is
Ajman098: i think it went through a few changes...
Ajman098: its just apoint in space
Zenny: if the earth has always been here how do we still have oxygen and all the other gases and elements.. because they are always changing
Ajman098: well thats the law of matter conservation
Ajman098: i didnt say we always had oxygen
Zenny: but where would oxygen come from
Zenny: and why isnt it still happening todya
Zenny: im sorry.. im kinda a science geek
Zenny: so im curious
Ajman098: matter is always there, its just sometimes bonded with other matter
Ajman098: im too
Ajman098: carbon dioxide water nitricoxide
Ajman098: cyanide even
Ajman098: (i think)
Ajman098: (my chemistry's rusty)
Zenny: mine too
Zenny: lol
Ajman098: i have a wuestion for you
Ajman098: do you think god resides anywhere in the universe or do you think he is in a separate plain from ours
Ajman098: it ties in with the Futurama episode 'Godfellahs'
Zenny: I believe God is everywhere ... He isnt in "one specific spot"
Ajman098: ahhhh good
Ajman098: and he sees all at once not missing anything
Ajman098: ?
Zenny: sorry my computer disconnects me often
Ajman098: did you know that this idea of multiple places at once in one consciousness has been theorhetically proven using quantum physics?
Zenny: no
Ajman098: it is theorhetically posible for you to control two yous in separate places with one brain
Ajman098: though not so much brain but
Ajman098: consciousnees
Zenny: a human doing that????
Ajman098: yes
Zenny: I dont believe that
Ajman098: quantum computing which is being studied now and projected as something to become an actuality in our lifetime has the capacity to place you in two realms simultaneously
Zenny: i dont believe humans, demons, or angels can dothat
Ajman098: its hard to comprehend let alone belive
Ajman098: im still skeptical
Ajman098: but can you imagine the implications that would have?
Zenny: it would be neat
Ajman098: one could theorhetically live two lives
Ajman098: at once
Ajman098: one plus one would equal one
Zenny: i would hate that.. it is hard enough dealing with one
Ajman098: ahh but you could sleep and be at school at the same time
Ajman098: play runescape AND do your homework without having to worry about them signing you off
Zenny: skitsofrania.. however you spell it
Ajman098: there are some rather big moral issues at play though
Zenny: that is what i would call that
Ajman098: ahh but schizos have two voices that they (one person) hear
Ajman098: this would be a single voice in two people
Zenny: you can have split personalities in one person and be like 5 diffenernt people
Ajman098: but they only have one body
Ajman098: back to morality though
Zenny: that is physically in possible to have one brain for two bodies
Ajman098: not brain
Ajman098: consciousness
Ajman098: and in our physics system yes that would
Zenny: its more like demonic conciousness in my opinion
Ajman098: yes that leads me to the backlash from religious ideals
Ajman098: people would see it as an attempt at godlyness
Zenny: i would call that having two people possesed by the same demon
Ajman098: which one must never put one toe toward
Ajman098: religous or not
Ajman098: to much power is dangerous no matter what intentions you have
Zenny: are you talking about demons have to much power
Zenny: ???
Ajman098: im talking about humans having demons in them
Ajman098: no matter how good they intend to be
Ajman098: Im sorry you're sick and im becoming philosophical, you should get some sleep
Ajman098: i should too
Zenny: i believe many people are "possessed
Zenny: lol... oh i love these kinda conversations
Ajman098: im possessed by the 'silly ghost'
Zenny: im not saying you are possessed
Ajman098: or maybe remus
Ajman098: zippadee doodah
Ajman098: zippadee day
Zenny: do you believe in satan?
Ajman098: hmmmm
Ajman098: it is said that
Ajman098: 'hell is other people'
Ajman098: so i believe in an evil manifestation in all of us
Ajman098: just as i believe in the internal conscience
Zenny: all people are sinners
Zenny: so yeah i guess one way to put it is evil manisfestation
Zenny: i think
Ajman098: maybe not sinners, but potential sinner
Ajman098: at least in my opinion
Ajman098: no one is above evil
Ajman098: because evil is different for everyone
Zenny: no everyone is born with a sinful nature and will sin
Ajman098: yes
Zenny: evil is evil
Ajman098: good is good
Ajman098: the best we can do on this earth
Zenny: yeah... but i dont think evil is different for everyone
Ajman098: is to try to do more good than evil
Ajman098: to set an example for future generation
Ajman098: s*
Zenny: this is really interesting... ive never actually talked with someone who thinks like you
Zenny: not saying that other people dont think like you
Zenny: or anything is wrong
Zenny: with it
Zenny: dont take that the wrong way
Ajman098: i understand
Zenny: i hope so
Ajman098: i am happy you dont hate me for my beliefs
Zenny: i dont hate you at all
Ajman098: the northwest isnt known for its tolerance
Zenny: you have the same standing with me as you did before and i dont look down at you at all or anybody else's beliefs
Zenny: haha yeah
Ajman098: its hard to find californians who wont slice your throat for believing something other than them
Zenny: idaho is just the same way
Zenny: i think the whole world is to judgemental
Ajman098: yes
Zenny: thats probably why the world is so split
Ajman098: and why we have wars
Ajman098: and why we pay taxes
Zenny: and tons of people say what they believe but dont do it.. so that makes things worse too
Ajman098: yeah thats the thing about atheism
Ajman098: heehee
Zenny: true.. but you could say you want to live like this and be a good person and not be at all
Ajman098: in most cases people think that because they dont believe, they dont have to do
Zenny: i think no matter what you believe in you can be two faced
Ajman098: in my case i believe in non-belief
Ajman098: as well as belief
Zenny: yeah but you have standards of living and morals
Ajman098: and faith
Zenny: and you could say them to me and not be doing them at all
Ajman098: id like to think though that the way i met you though followed my morals
Zenny: i think there are many people being "real" with what they believe
Ajman098: yes
Ajman098: you are a very devout and faithful peson
Zenny: you are too
Ajman098: 'a good soul'
Zenny: i believe you have a good soul and a good heart too
Ajman098: thank you
Zenny: your welcome
Ajman098: but then again
Ajman098: according to the catholics
Ajman098: were both dirty sinners who deserve to be beaten blue with rulers and metersticks
Zenny: yep
Zenny: haha the jehovah witnesses and the mormans think the same thing
Zenny: gosh i cant spell today
Ajman098: yeah except the mormans get extra wives
Zenny: haha true
Zenny: they have a crazy beliefs..
Ajman098: well maybe not crazy
Zenny: well to me
Ajman098: but 'different'
Ajman098: exactly
Zenny: i cant imagine them
Ajman098: to you and i they are different
Ajman098: but to them
Zenny: yep
Ajman098: we must try to tolerate
Zenny: i dont know how they can put that much faith into what they believe in
Zenny: haha i know lots of them and i really enjoy being around them
Ajman098: i have a friend who's a devout jehovahs witness
Zenny: i would be the worst mormon evey
Ajman098: hes very fun to talk to
Ajman098: yah me too dating only one girl...shame on me
Ajman098: heehee
Ajman098: haha
Zenny: my mom was into that church before i was born.. so i know quite abit about jehovah witnesses
Zenny: haha gosh how darn you only date one girl
Zenny: j/k
Ajman098: i just like talking to him about why
Zenny: lol
Zenny: yeah... i find that one hard to follow too
Ajman098: i dont care about anything the religion dictates
Ajman098: i care about what he interprets from the religion
Zenny: that is a very good point
Ajman098: thank you
Ajman098: >
Zenny: hehe your welcome
Ajman098: sos that
Ajman098: <
Ajman098: ^
Ajman098: v
Ajman098: w
Ajman098: oh two good points
Zenny: lol
Ajman098: m
Ajman098: and um
Ajman098: two
Ajman098: good
Ajman098: ...curves
Zenny: hahaha!!!

--Well, I hope it was at least interesting to you (it was to me) and don't like bomb my house please if you come across something you don't agree with. (Though, since Zenny's not here to defend herself, her house is fair game...)



At 1:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am still not understanding why you use the letter m in physics, but I completely understand you thoughts about god and I apprecite you sharing this invoice.

At 2:26 AM, Blogger Gorky said...

To You 'Anonymous',

--Though you will probably never see this message whoever you are, thank you for your time and words.



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