Saturday, December 04, 2004

Mood Paragraph


--I seem to have a habit of not posting 'til the darkness of midnight (I'm just mysterious that way) so I'm going to insert a paragraph I wrote for a mood paper.

"It was a cold, moonless night and a heavy mist had settled some time after dusk. The cloud had taken such a grasp on the city that even with the streetlamps on, it was impossible to tell if one was walking on a sidewalk or on the brink of an infinite, black void. People wandered aimlessly through the streets, seeing nothing but the same dark mist that enveloped their minds as well as their bodies. It would have presented an eerie sight, had someone been able to peer through the fog unhindered, the way they were propelled by an unseen force, intent on reaching their nonexistent destinations."

--I like it, kind of eerie. Oh yah, my friend friguy made a blog, so go check it out. The address is Yeah we're gonna post as different personalities 'cause we get bored a lot and he doesn't like writing as much as I. I dunno, just comic wadding...



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