Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I exist?

     Whoa. You mean he's an actual human being? Not just Andrew's schizo-second self? Neat-O!
     I'm Drew, the more stable of the 2 A's ... I dont freak out on you like that post from two nights ago ... anyway, I was recently inspired to have some Photoshop fun, and got my image hosted, courtesy of ... i love free image hosting ... as well as ellipses ... you may notice I tend to overuse them ... but I digress.

     Photoshop is probably like my third best friend (wow, thats depressing), so yeah, this may be a semi-common occurrence? We'll have to see.
My version:

Original image:

     Thats all for now. Finals await.

(waiiiiiit, isnt it supposed to be 2 A's, hence the A squared? No.)

(which lead me to a thought...if i was schizo, we could have an Andrew and two Drews(in the production name), and thus we'd have...hey look, a birdie! come back birdie!)


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