Friday, December 17, 2004

"HIS" and "HIS"


--You missed a great 'married couple' bicker between Drew and I that ended up being my high-end graphics card's fault. Stupid expensive hi-res display, allowing me to play games at supremely stunning levels of depth. Good for nothing is what it is... K here's a little excerpt:

Ajman098: huh?
Ajman098: what did you do, now the bar doesn't show up
Ajman098: its at bottom
Ajman098: dude
Ajman098: not good
Ajman098: fix now!
Ajman098: I had it to it's stops
Ajman098: as far as it would go
Lil'Dude: what?
Lil'Dude: are
Lil'Dude: you
Lil'Dude: talkingabout?
Ajman098: you extended it right?
Lil'Dude: extended what?
Ajman098: what DID you do?

--Yah, so things were kinda hectic. It ended up being that my IE text settings were configured for largest cuz my resolution is so high. One of his posts was sticking beyond it's text box and causing a graphical problem from my view. Anyway, next post is a big post! So stay tuned...



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