Thursday, December 02, 2004

Halo Project Update


--I'm feeling much better having gotten some sleep. My friend and I comepleted the "Halo POI (Point Of Interest) Project for our physics class, and are presenting it tommorow. It involves two awesome movies with great visual and audio mixing. It's funny, exciting, etc. Really had a lot of fun making it. Which brings me to my news: we're making a DVD using that and extra footage from when we shot the project and will be MAILING THEM FREE to whoever wants one, and we'll even pay for shipping. If you want to order one now, send me an email at with the request and your address. For those of you who don't want one, you're really missing out! Every person we present to has laughed 'til they cried.

--So check out "Halo POI Project" by A-Squared Productions!



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