Friday, December 17, 2004

From Pencil to Pixel

This is a long one,

--I am writing this post in my acting class, on a notepad, sitting in the vast theatre semi-recently built at my high school. My teacher, a former surfer who is masterful at anything drama-related, is droning in his deep baritone voice about something...I dunno. I just went down to help Joey put a podium on the stage for his monologue from "Requirements for the Position as my Lover". Not really that hard, the thing's pretty light. Joey's monologue is pretty good. Hilarious! He put his head down (scene over). Teacher is giving his commentary... Whatever.

--I have rather large announcement to make, but I am unsure as to if I should post it just yet. Julie just did a serious piece about killing her character's abusive father with a skillet. Morbid...

--Well here it is anyway - Wait, Geoff is doing a scee about a man coming out of the closet. He's forgetting a bunch of lines. Too bad; he had the character down. You know what, I'll just solidify my announcement, and post it later today, so I can fix some minor problems. I am also going to give this blog a bit of an HTML update as I have been doing a LOT of self-teaching on that subject over the past twenty-four hours (-:hint-hint:-)

--Justin's doing his, but he's got a deep voice, so it's hard to hear him 70 feet away, with about eight rows of sound dampening seats in between. Plus there's the fact that the theatre is one of those box-in-a-box kinds with an inner and outer shell separated by about five feet of space to keep out outside noises. This contained enviroment makes the atmosphere in the theatre really stuff. All of the extra air weakens sound as well as irritates my ears. You have to almost yell when you say lines because of how big theatres are; you don't realize it from the seats. It's wierd. when do a scene with another person because when you talk to them, you need to speak hella loud even though they're right next to you, so the audience can hear.

--The first time I did a dialogue, I got hoarse practicing because I chose to play my character with a really nervous voice. "Wha..wha..what are y-y-y-you gonna do T-Tommy?" Anyway, I got really hoarse because I had to speak a normally quiet, high-pitched, and stuttering voice really loud without 'forcing it'.

--While writing, four other people did their respective scenes. Now it's Mikey's turn. Mike is a Canadian-American rock musician who cut his formerly-long hair because his parents, in desperation for the coming holidays, offered him fifty dollars in return for letting them cut his hair how they wanted. The rebel-rocker now looks like a french-canadian housewife. HA! My teacher just told him that, as an assignment, he had to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day over the break because he screwed up holding his imaginary cigarette for the part. While doing the character really well, had he been holding a real cigarette, he would have burned his leg multiple times because of the way he held his arms.

--Now Nate and Andrew are doing a scene from "Private Wars". Very funny. Oops! Nate forgot a line; stayed cool though. HEEHEE! "Course I'm lonely; I'm a preist! I'm one of the loneliest, horniest guys in the world." HAHA! Damn this s****'s funny!

--Nate is in an awesome rock band that released a demo not too long ago. He's a stoner though:-( Wait - Andrew just said he was a lesbian. Hella good. Damn, Nate! You forgot more lines. Interupted the whole vibe...

--Now on the subject of drugs, I am similar in stance as I am with religion. I choose to remain unaffiliated with drugs because, inlike religion, drugs f**** you up. They are dangerous, and take control of you. I never want to lose control - Ever.

--Understand that this is my choice; you may make your own. I could care less if you do drugs, it''s your body and your mind, and as long as you are safe in your practice, I won't think less of you. I feel the same way about alcohol. While in my opinion alcohol is detrimental to society, that is more of a reflection of those who drink it. You can drink and do drugs. I wont, but you can. Be who you want to be, insofar as you don't put others at risk; and as long as you don't challenge my decisions, I wont challenge yours.

--Ryan just did a funny skit about his best friend "putting his plug in my socket!" Kicked over a chair. Two people went before him. I don't know them tha well and their scene wasn't very entertaining. Ryan was on Homecoming Court, but he didn't win. Cool guy. Paris is up; an eccentric who can turn anything you say into an innuendo. Forgot his lines though... We didn't have much time to prepare. Teacher commentary... Yah so that's what a long period of acting is like. Hope it was entertaining in some way.

--The bell's going to ring shortly so I need to wrap this up. I will be doing some serious blogging over the break, and hopefully you will like the changes I have made to prepare for this (wink). By the way, this post took three pages of college notebool paper, and gave me a sever pain in my wrist, so I probably wont be repeating the process any time soon. As always, have a happy holidays.



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