Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!!!


--As you may have noticed, Drew added his first post to this blog, making it a total of twenty (though this makes it twenty-one). He also introduced me to 'imageshack', which has a quick upload system that allows you to host pictures up to 1MB (not too much unless you use .gif). I uploaded the 'still' version of our production logo; maybe I can find a way to host the glowing one some time soon.

--Drew's a cool guy. Hopefully he'll continue to post so you wont get tired of me so fast. Though we'll probably end up bickering like a married couple, at least the blog content will always be fresh.

--What else... I finished the 'comp class final version' of the opening flash comic to a hopefully entertaining series (see below). It's got some great art and artistry, as Drew will hopefully back me up on. The animation of the panels and how they 'appear' is pretty raw though, due to the fact that it's a product of late nights and early mornings. It'll probably need some more work before I get it online.

--Lastly, I am composing a quite humorous 'article', if you will, on this new AIM 'Santa' Feature where you can talk to this automated Santa Claus that generates relative responses to things you say. You can ask him for certain gifts, and he'll get all philosophical on ideas like love and peace, or just talk to him. I spent about two hours asking the most random s**** I could think of and the stuff he responded with is gold, and in some cases suggestive...

--I plan to repost my 'Favorite Links' along with some new and incredibly funny ones that I have found over the first half of December. I don't know why, but the holidays seem to bring out the demons inside all of us...No...Just me...Ok, well regardless...

Happy Holidays!



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