Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Holy Crap I'm Seventeen


--And what a day. What a week. Last weekend Drew and I built a cannon out of a vacuum that currently fires stakes, and will soon shoot a magazine of ping-pong/golf balls.

--Our current endeavor is mounting it in a computer case over the fan intake holes. We've been cutting and drilling apart the case and all we need to do is mount the vacuum base in the case and bolt it down without marring the appearance of the case.

Here are some pictures:

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

--Here is a video of the very first test firing to see if it would actually fire a lawn stake (QuickTime 1.15MB .mov Format - Right-Click to 'Save-As') Since then we've boosted the power exponentially by 1) raising the primary intake off the ground (duh) and 2) opening up two more intakes.

--So, as stated above, today was my birthday, and it was a blast. Started out with my mom waking me up at 7:00 AM and presenting me with one of these really great Quicksilver button-down shirts I like so much. Couple of people complemented me on it today. Anyway, I drove to school in my Subaru, on which I recently repaired my front fender as some a***hole dented it and drove off without leaving a note. I got to school at 7:45 and went to the chorus room to practice for "Singing Valentines", a great program by the chorus that I auditioned for because they needed volunteers.

--A "Singing Valentine" is a card you can send to someone that will be accompanied by an A Capella, Barbershop style group that sings classic, romantic songs like "One Fine Day" and "Come Go With Me" while wearing pink and generally acting happy and flambouyant. I'm up on tenor with a group of friends and I will be getting out of all my classes and singing to many girls (including my girlfriend) on Valentine's Day. It should be fun.

--But I digress. Next I went through my Honors English class, my Physics class, went to lunch with another Andrew (making 3 total mentioned), and then had Acting. After that I drove Drew home and then my gf and her sister their house and was presented with presents (imagine that), specifically 'Pop-Rocks', a geeky shirt, the DVD of "Groundhog's Day", and a 'Sea-Monkey Starter Kit'! She knows me well.

--I went home and had a family party with my brothers and sisters (two big half-brothers that are basically whole, my little sister (who was also born on February Ninth!) my little brother, and my sister-in-law) in which I got some great gifts and tried on a costume for the grand opening of one of my big brother's Grand Opening of his franchise hair salon, Fantastic Sam's. I will be wearing it this Saturday. It shouldn't be too hard as I was the Easter Bunny (and will be again this year) for my home town.

Here's a picture of my mom and me and one of my sister and me:

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

--Drew and I have an update planned for the A-Squared Page, so stay sharp. We will be putting up for download a series of videos shot after midnight, last Saturday (we were working on the vacuum gun). While they're semi-psychotic, as a result of the hour they were filmed and the impromtu conditions they were created under, they should provide some of you with a laugh. The logo that appears at the end will be different as it was cut into the cardboard-box 'subject' of the films using a Drumel. Hope you like 'em.

--Well, it's 11:59 and my birthday's just about over, so I'd better go to sleep. Stay tuned for further posts and have a great rest of the week.


Thursday, February 03, 2005

I Ate iPod Shuffle

Thought I'd share this with 'yall if you haven't seen it yet (or even if you have). This poet is more brilliant than Walt Whitman...or at least up there somewhere :D. What a beautiful, and ingenious piece of work!

It's entitled "I Ate iPod Shuffle":

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Nerd Alert!


--It's official, I'm a geek. Where did I go wrong? Was it the four hours I spent yesterday on my A-Squared blog working on the Javascript? The postings I recently made on the Webdesigner forums? Or maybe the three hours I spent tryng to get banned from IRC (Internet Relay Chat), and succeeding in my effort? Whatever the cause, I am now, on record, a geek. Or "Super Geek" according to, which hosts the first and foremost internet Geek Test, on which I got a 47.75%.

--The only thing that saved me from uber-dorkage was my lack of any knowledge whatsoever in terms of Star Trek. I literally have never seen a full episode. I couldn't even name five characters on the show. Let's see... Spock for sure... Data? Yeah, that sounds right... Captain Pickard, spelled something like that... And um, Wolf?... Maybe... He was that dude with the wierd face. Ya, that's as far as I can remember from what I've heard from others or Futurama (which I have seen everything imaginable about; no really, if you wanna throw down, I'll quote specific commentaries on episodes). Hmmm... I guess your a nerd for reading this though, so I don't feel too bad.

--On the subject of geekiness, You can download the Halo POI Video One Teaser from the Official A-Squared Productions Blog it is a very high quality compared to the Video Two files. Anyway, hope you check it out and above all else, have a great tomorrow!


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Have a Happier Day!

Hey all,

--I realize how hard it is to stand back and appreciate, with so much occupying our minds. I mean, geez. With terrorism, crime, natural disasters, nuclear weapons, and the boogeyman hiding under your bed, one can hardly hope to retain his/her own sanity for a season. At least I have the fortune of not having to worry about that. (Marshmallows are sticky!) So while this may be difficult, I wish for your sake that you try what I am about to ask you to try.

--I want you to take a deep breath. Deeper. Come on; in the nose, out the mouth. Even deeper. Now take three more, slowly. After having done this, I want you to think of three things that make you acutely happy. Anything, from iPods to Llamas to Toes to Silly Putty. In my case the three things are tiny kittens, my friends, and my girlfriend's smile. Be creative. When you have your three glad-items, I would like you to find a way to interact with each one some how. If its a person, call or meet them. A place, go there or find a picture of it. You have the limitless power of the internet at your disposal.

--The purpose of all this is to be happier. It's that simple. So much strength is lost when we are depressed and unconfident, which is why it feels so rejuvinating when we smile and laugh. I know some of you may be thinking that I've hugged one too many rainbows over the break, and while I may be a sixteen year-old Lennon reject, that doesn't the fact that a little laughter goes a long way.

--I remember a few years ago I heard on the radio this 'ad' (for lack of a better term) that was just a group of babies giggling to the hearts' content. For no reason their were infants laughing, first softly, but soon much louder and joyous. You couldn't help but laugh. Pretty soon the five of us in the car were crying tears of joy like the babies on the radio. The recorded laughter faded out and a sole voice said,

--"Laughter; it's contagious."

--I'll try and find it online and post it so you can hear. Hopefully if the above exercise didn't work or seemed stupid, this will do a better job of making you smile.


Saturday, January 01, 2005


Happy New Year Everyone,

--It's been a while. I know, I know, I didn't deliver promised goods. I had a focus shift; a big one. I stopped caring about redvsblue, A-Squared, runescape, etc. I paid attention more to who I was, and more importantly, who my friends were. I spent the time basically hanging with my friends; fostering relationships. If that's selfish, then I'm a miser. Humbug I say!

--This blog has no importance compared to the everyday happenings of life. The small group of people who actually read this probably talk to me anyway, or don't feel enough weight in a stranger's words to reflect on what they read. I realized I needed to spend time with people who I actually can be heard by, and who will respond as well. It is on this note that I'd like to shout out to all the people who I have interacted with over the past week or so. You all know who you are.

--Though it will be delayed, Video One will come out rather soon, because I owe it to at least myself to see this project through. I don't know if this comic will come out at all; I'm not sure anyone cares. Maybe I'll think of someway to gain at least a small following for A-Squared before I do anything else. Stay tuned for further updates.


Saturday, December 18, 2004


Big news everyone!

--I have JUST added to the Official A-Squared Productions Page, the teaser for Drew's and my POI Project Video Two! (6MB)

--Wait? What? An official page? Yes, I have been a very busy boy. Check it out! I will be posting the entire video tonight at midnight! It's going to be 45MB so kick everyone in your house offline to clear up some extra bandwidth. Be there or be square!

--There are a few other upcoming items you can find out about on the site as well, but I'll leave those up to you.

--Happy viewing!


Friday, December 17, 2004

From Pencil to Pixel

This is a long one,

--I am writing this post in my acting class, on a notepad, sitting in the vast theatre semi-recently built at my high school. My teacher, a former surfer who is masterful at anything drama-related, is droning in his deep baritone voice about something...I dunno. I just went down to help Joey put a podium on the stage for his monologue from "Requirements for the Position as my Lover". Not really that hard, the thing's pretty light. Joey's monologue is pretty good. Hilarious! He put his head down (scene over). Teacher is giving his commentary... Whatever.

--I have rather large announcement to make, but I am unsure as to if I should post it just yet. Julie just did a serious piece about killing her character's abusive father with a skillet. Morbid...

--Well here it is anyway - Wait, Geoff is doing a scee about a man coming out of the closet. He's forgetting a bunch of lines. Too bad; he had the character down. You know what, I'll just solidify my announcement, and post it later today, so I can fix some minor problems. I am also going to give this blog a bit of an HTML update as I have been doing a LOT of self-teaching on that subject over the past twenty-four hours (-:hint-hint:-)

--Justin's doing his, but he's got a deep voice, so it's hard to hear him 70 feet away, with about eight rows of sound dampening seats in between. Plus there's the fact that the theatre is one of those box-in-a-box kinds with an inner and outer shell separated by about five feet of space to keep out outside noises. This contained enviroment makes the atmosphere in the theatre really stuff. All of the extra air weakens sound as well as irritates my ears. You have to almost yell when you say lines because of how big theatres are; you don't realize it from the seats. It's wierd. when do a scene with another person because when you talk to them, you need to speak hella loud even though they're right next to you, so the audience can hear.

--The first time I did a dialogue, I got hoarse practicing because I chose to play my character with a really nervous voice. "Wha..wha..what are y-y-y-you gonna do T-Tommy?" Anyway, I got really hoarse because I had to speak a normally quiet, high-pitched, and stuttering voice really loud without 'forcing it'.

--While writing, four other people did their respective scenes. Now it's Mikey's turn. Mike is a Canadian-American rock musician who cut his formerly-long hair because his parents, in desperation for the coming holidays, offered him fifty dollars in return for letting them cut his hair how they wanted. The rebel-rocker now looks like a french-canadian housewife. HA! My teacher just told him that, as an assignment, he had to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day over the break because he screwed up holding his imaginary cigarette for the part. While doing the character really well, had he been holding a real cigarette, he would have burned his leg multiple times because of the way he held his arms.

--Now Nate and Andrew are doing a scene from "Private Wars". Very funny. Oops! Nate forgot a line; stayed cool though. HEEHEE! "Course I'm lonely; I'm a preist! I'm one of the loneliest, horniest guys in the world." HAHA! Damn this s****'s funny!

--Nate is in an awesome rock band that released a demo not too long ago. He's a stoner though:-( Wait - Andrew just said he was a lesbian. Hella good. Damn, Nate! You forgot more lines. Interupted the whole vibe...

--Now on the subject of drugs, I am similar in stance as I am with religion. I choose to remain unaffiliated with drugs because, inlike religion, drugs f**** you up. They are dangerous, and take control of you. I never want to lose control - Ever.

--Understand that this is my choice; you may make your own. I could care less if you do drugs, it''s your body and your mind, and as long as you are safe in your practice, I won't think less of you. I feel the same way about alcohol. While in my opinion alcohol is detrimental to society, that is more of a reflection of those who drink it. You can drink and do drugs. I wont, but you can. Be who you want to be, insofar as you don't put others at risk; and as long as you don't challenge my decisions, I wont challenge yours.

--Ryan just did a funny skit about his best friend "putting his plug in my socket!" Kicked over a chair. Two people went before him. I don't know them tha well and their scene wasn't very entertaining. Ryan was on Homecoming Court, but he didn't win. Cool guy. Paris is up; an eccentric who can turn anything you say into an innuendo. Forgot his lines though... We didn't have much time to prepare. Teacher commentary... Yah so that's what a long period of acting is like. Hope it was entertaining in some way.

--The bell's going to ring shortly so I need to wrap this up. I will be doing some serious blogging over the break, and hopefully you will like the changes I have made to prepare for this (wink). By the way, this post took three pages of college notebool paper, and gave me a sever pain in my wrist, so I probably wont be repeating the process any time soon. As always, have a happy holidays.


"HIS" and "HIS"


--You missed a great 'married couple' bicker between Drew and I that ended up being my high-end graphics card's fault. Stupid expensive hi-res display, allowing me to play games at supremely stunning levels of depth. Good for nothing is what it is... K here's a little excerpt:

Ajman098: huh?
Ajman098: what did you do, now the bar doesn't show up
Ajman098: its at bottom
Ajman098: dude
Ajman098: not good
Ajman098: fix now!
Ajman098: I had it to it's stops
Ajman098: as far as it would go
Lil'Dude: what?
Lil'Dude: are
Lil'Dude: you
Lil'Dude: talkingabout?
Ajman098: you extended it right?
Lil'Dude: extended what?
Ajman098: what DID you do?

--Yah, so things were kinda hectic. It ended up being that my IE text settings were configured for largest cuz my resolution is so high. One of his posts was sticking beyond it's text box and causing a graphical problem from my view. Anyway, next post is a big post! So stay tuned...


Thursday, December 16, 2004


Here's a llama
There's a llama
And another little llama
Fuzzy llama, funny llama
Llama, llama, duck

Llama, llama, cheesecake, llama
Tablet, brick, potato, llama
Llama, llama, mushroom, llama
Llama, llama, duck

I was once a treehouse
I lived in a cake
But I never saw the way
The orange slayed the rake

I was only three years dead
But it told a tale
And now listen, little child
To the safety rail

Did you ever see a llama
Kiss a llama on the llama
Llama's llama taste of llama
Llama, llama, duck

Half a llama, twice the llama
not a llama, farmer llama
Llama in the car, alarm a llama
Llama, duck

Is that how its told now?
Is it all so old?
Is it made of lemon juice?
Doorknob, ankle, cold

Now my song is getting thin
I've run out of luck
Time for me to retire now
And become a duck

I confuse?

I, by no means, am less detrimental. let me confuse you and try to straighten it out again. i am known to do that. very frequently. i am not feeling particularily eloquent. like my fragments? so do i. hahah wonder what i wouldve gotten had i written like this on the english final this morning. that would have been a blast. oh well, had to get an A. too bad :-D

-D (psssst -- that looks like the smilie without a colon)

ps i guess i am mandated to post my favorite sites here eventually, so for now, i will humor you:

thaz all folks!

This Blog Now With (AN)DREW LITE!*

*Note: Beyond the fact that his name is shorter, Drew is no less detrimental to your health than the regular ranting of Andrew.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!!!


--As you may have noticed, Drew added his first post to this blog, making it a total of twenty (though this makes it twenty-one). He also introduced me to 'imageshack', which has a quick upload system that allows you to host pictures up to 1MB (not too much unless you use .gif). I uploaded the 'still' version of our production logo; maybe I can find a way to host the glowing one some time soon.

--Drew's a cool guy. Hopefully he'll continue to post so you wont get tired of me so fast. Though we'll probably end up bickering like a married couple, at least the blog content will always be fresh.

--What else... I finished the 'comp class final version' of the opening flash comic to a hopefully entertaining series (see below). It's got some great art and artistry, as Drew will hopefully back me up on. The animation of the panels and how they 'appear' is pretty raw though, due to the fact that it's a product of late nights and early mornings. It'll probably need some more work before I get it online.

--Lastly, I am composing a quite humorous 'article', if you will, on this new AIM 'Santa' Feature where you can talk to this automated Santa Claus that generates relative responses to things you say. You can ask him for certain gifts, and he'll get all philosophical on ideas like love and peace, or just talk to him. I spent about two hours asking the most random s**** I could think of and the stuff he responded with is gold, and in some cases suggestive...

--I plan to repost my 'Favorite Links' along with some new and incredibly funny ones that I have found over the first half of December. I don't know why, but the holidays seem to bring out the demons inside all of us...No...Just me...Ok, well regardless...

Happy Holidays!


I exist?

     Whoa. You mean he's an actual human being? Not just Andrew's schizo-second self? Neat-O!
     I'm Drew, the more stable of the 2 A's ... I dont freak out on you like that post from two nights ago ... anyway, I was recently inspired to have some Photoshop fun, and got my image hosted, courtesy of ... i love free image hosting ... as well as ellipses ... you may notice I tend to overuse them ... but I digress.

     Photoshop is probably like my third best friend (wow, thats depressing), so yeah, this may be a semi-common occurrence? We'll have to see.
My version:

Original image:

     Thats all for now. Finals await.

(waiiiiiit, isnt it supposed to be 2 A's, hence the A squared? No.)

(which lead me to a thought...if i was schizo, we could have an Andrew and two Drews(in the production name), and thus we'd have...hey look, a birdie! come back birdie!)

It Was My Computer, I Swear!

Hey again,

--K, so my cat is laying next to my comp twitching and it's giving me the creeps. This and the fact that it's 1:13 AM where I live means it's probably time for bed. I'll leave you all with a transcript of some fun I had with a Friend-from-Colorado's away message. Before I do though I'd like to announce my newest A-Squared Productions Announcement (heehee). It's below this post. Here goes...

Ajman098 [7:27 PM]: sup
Auto response from Wasup [7:27 PM]: I am away from my computer right now.
Ajman098 [7:27 PM]: really i couldn't tell
Ajman098 [7:27 PM]: well hello Mr. Away From My Computer Right Now
Ajman098 [7:28 PM]: I'm Mr. Andrew John Gordon
Ajman098 [7:28 PM]: have you seen anyone named Layne recently
Ajman098 [7:29 PM]: he's about yea high and can't jump for beans
Ajman098 [7:30 PM]: Have you?
Auto response from Wasup [7:30 PM]: You mean Layne Burke, yeah of course. I mean, I'm his frickin computer. I'm not a moron.
Ajman098 [7:35 PM]: Where is he?
Auto response from Wasup [7:36 PM]: He's practicing his finger painting skills on his basement wall
Auto response from Wasup [7:37 PM]: So far he's managed to write "I is Lane I are not Road"
Ajman098 [7:37 PM]: Well, at least he's trying...
Ajman098 [7:47 PM]: By the way, aren't away messages unable to communicate?
Auto response from Wasup [7:47 PM]: I am away from my computer right now.
Auto response from Wasup [7:47 PM]: I am away from my computer right now.
Ajman098 [7:48 PM]: Oh so that's how it's gonna be
Ajman098 [7:48 PM]: Wha...What's wrong with my font
Ajman098 [7:49 PM]: I'mmmm llloosing cccconconcontrollll
Auto response from Wasup [7:49 PM]: I am away from my computer right now.
Ajman098 [7:49 PM]: Itttt wawas yoouuu
Ajman098 [7:53 PM]: Noooonoono541WQ13QAAAGHHH
Auto response from Wasup [7:53 PM]: I am away from my computer right now. HAHAHA
Ajman098 [7:54 PM]: !@#$%^&*()_-+=`~]}[{\'";:<>,.?/
Ajman098 [8:02 PM]: .....
Auto response from Ajman098 [8:03 PM]: I am away from my computer right now.
Auto response from Wasup [8:04 PM]: I am away from my computer right now.
Auto response from Ajman098 [8:04 PM]: I am
Auto response from Wasup [8:04 PM]: Copycat
Auto response from Ajman098 [8:05 PM]: Stupid
Auto response from Wasup [8:05 PM]: Oh, Yeah! Well you're mother was spam.
Auto response from Ajman098 [8:05 PM]: THAT'S IT, NOW YOU DIE! HAHAHA

--Now no-one can tell me I haven't argued with an away message. Good night everyone


Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A-Squared Productions Updates

It's that time again,

--K, so here's the scoop. I have had multiple requests for the DVD, which the production of is sadly going to have to wait about two months for. Yah, it sucks. Because of this, I am going to attempt to make amends by releasing a Flash Still-Animation Comic that I started for a computer class final and fell deeply in love with. It's called 'Life As You Knew It'.

--The first comic which, will be fully developed by Thursday and hopefully online by Saturday, is called 'Under the Lens' and tells you nothing of the plot whatsoever but is filled with some good action scenes. Oh, and there's guns. Consider it a teaser. If anyone actually downloads it I'll post more strips, and if not, maybe I'll just keep it for myself. It is really well drawn and I did a LOT of experimentation with three-dimensional scenes with three points of reference. You have nothing to loose and won't be disappointed.

--While the above project is basically an A-To-The-First Production (because so far I am its only parent), Drew will be joining up shortly (after he gets some well earned sleep).

--As I preach, if your at all interested, drop me an email at I'm thinking of making an A-Squared dedicated google account and blog so as to get twice the bloggage. What do you think? 'Til next time.



Apologies First,

--I am happier now, having eaten, shaved, cleaned my ears, and done some late homework. I am sorry for wasting no-one's time on my last post as nobody visited my blog, but I was at the end of a thin rope. I realize now that I should have just suspended my preoccupations with my friends, because I know they would support me. I went to school a miserable ball of unhappiness, and with the help of some of my more atuned friends was able to uplift my spirits. It's ironic how the ones that I thought I was sharing a burden for were so quick to my side when they sensed I was down. Maybe the moral is to support others as they support you, creating one of those illusionary structures that can only be considered real in its own plane of reality.

--I am going to keep my 'silent scream' post on my site as a reminder to myself as to the unseen strength of others upholding me just as I see my self providing for them. My offer still stands for anyone who wishes to talk or just hum. I honestly don't mind. Unfortunately, numberwise, my blog isn't making the mainstream. It's like a salmon swimming in a smaller, separate river than all the others to the spawning ground.

--Oh yeah, my knee is acting up. When I was about five, I fell and my knee hit a curb such that the kneecap forced its way through the skin. Yah...Ouch. I am still rather athletic, but during the colder winter months (December and January), it will tighten and become painful to move. I don't really mind, though. I can still hold my own against the world. I am going to follow this post directly with some updates on A-Squared Productions' upcoming stuff as well as a little piece I wrote for an intro to an end. So stay tuned (all zero of you must be riveted).


Monday, December 13, 2004

Is Anyone Out There? No...Okay...

Hey nonexistant people,

--Well, I don't know what to say really. My life is in a pretty s*****y hole right now. Thank ___(insert idol here) for my girlfriend or I dunno what the f**** I'd be doing now. On the fringe, my reshowing of my POI Project showing didn't happen because my teacher forgot to tell anyone even though I reminded her EVERY TIME I SAW HER. But that's way far back, and there's so much other crap I don't know what to do about now. It's funny...I was a confident, sane person as of like two days ago...F****...I dunno...AND it's the holiday season...Who know's? Maybe helping others and seeing them smile will cheer me up. Not that anyone out there will care...This life, this blog...All silent screams...I spend my time helping others and I fall for it. I stress over others' problems, help them with their homework and studying, make sure some of my more overly depressed friends keep eating and don't do something stupid and hurt themselves. Meanwhile I don't get enough sleep, I don't eat enough, I shake and jitter so much that it's hard for me to type. I don't get my homework in enough. I lose money buying them gifts for the holidays when I know in their preoccupation they will forget to return the favor. They're wonderful people with beautiful minds, and I try to nourish them as such. But what does that make me? Am I failing at life by trying to help others succeed? Are my values wrong? Should I neglect them and help myself only? I could never let others suffer when I could for them. What am I to do? If I try and stay inbetween, both sides lose balance and topple. I have one week of finals and then it's holiday break. But I'm down about eight pounds, low on sleep, and running out of ego. I use all my strength being strong for my friends, and none is left for me. I know I will do well on my finals (I'm VERY good at tests), but what then? Will it be too late to salvage my strength and sanity? Will I crash down to oblivion? I doubt anyone one out there will come to this blog, let alone care enough to read this. Oh yeah, and good luck getting a comment; my cry will go unheard. I am sorry I'm like this after previously being so joyous, but I can't keep up the act. I am so f****ing tired of being strong. I want to curl up in a ball and have someone hold me. Quietly hum songs and whisper over and over again "It's okay, it's okay", while rocking me back and forth. If someone out there does read this, let me make this clear: I am not suicidal, this isn't one of those 'life or death' cry for helps. This is the unanswered scream for support that I know will never come. Maybe someday...I dunno...Hopefully I'll be happier next time I post...I'd hate to bore the world with the details of my stupid life any further. If someone out there is reading this and feels some emotion. Any emotion. Love, hate, sympathy, regret, loneliness, rage, pity, brotherhood, sisterhood, ANYTHING! Someone out there just tell me: what am I doing wrong? Is this what life is about? Who's life? Is life a word refering to that which we have, or that which we nurture? It's depressing, but chances are there will be the same amount of comments one my blog as before I wrote this. If someone out there made it through all this melancholy bulls**** that is my life and actually cares, I'd first like to say I am sorry you had to listen to me like this. Scroll down for some happier posts. Secondly, I'd like to thank you for hearing my scream. Third, if you are really feeling down from all this, call my cell-phone or text message it at (650) 941-5466, if I'm there, I'll cheer you up, I promise. Let me be strong for you. It will cheer us both up. I am a good person when I don't feel like a bad person. If I'm not there you can always leave a message. It's nice to know I'm not downing and droning on to a blank wall. You can even hum.


Sunday, December 05, 2004

Fifteenth Post!

Hey all,

--This is my fifteenth post, amazingly in only three or four days. Most were done when I should have been sleeping, as when this blog was created. I haven't gotten too many comments, but it's a big world, my sites not the most eye-catching, and I've only been up for half a week. Hopefully I will have accumulated more visitors and commentary in a month. But who can tell. Let the dice fall as they may. Anyway, peace be upon you, gentle viewer, and I hope you have a great day!


Sheep Joke #3

Howzit Everyone,

--This is an audioblog of me telling the third joke in my 'sheep jokes' category. I don't know why but everyone seems to like jokes about barnyard animals...Pervs. Anyway, I hope someone gets a kick. I'll post more jokes periodically, just like everything else.


this is an audio post - click to play

First Audio Post Ever

This is cool,

--So I posted my production logo soundtrack, just click the button below. The sound is my friend and I doing a mike test with an echo. I used Audioblogger. It's awesome.


this is an audio post - click to play

"Live-Chat" Button Dedicated to 'Lee'

News Time,

--It may sound like I'm obsessing but the mysterious 'Lee' really pulled me through a tough time, at a random moment. Because of his influence, I have added a "live-chat" button in the side-bar for anyone who needs someone to talk to. I will leave the service on on my computer with the volume turned up reeeaaaallllll loud so anyone, anytime can have someone to talk to. Please don't hesitate to click it. Blogging is about the online community, and not about withdrawing ourselves from one-another.


A Free Halo POI Project DVD (Heehee) to the Namer of the Author of this Quote, because I Have No Clue and Am Too Tired to Find Out

"Heaven is where the police are British, the chefs Italian, the mechanics German, the lovers French, and it is all organized by the Swiss. Hell is where the police are German, the chefs British, the mechanics French, the lovers Swiss, and it is all organized by the Italians."

Saturday, December 04, 2004

My Arch-Rival 'AOL' And My Hero 'Lee'

Hey Everybody,

--I'm kind of PO'ed right now. My AIM account got hacked and now it's suspended. I can't use it now because of some a-hole and AOL is no help AT ALL. Those f****ers send me back and forth to support that is in no way helpful. I was really stressed so I went to live-chat with the billing department. They're nicer there. I talked with a guy named 'Lee', he listened to my troubles, shared some insight about life. Damn the AOL technical support! DAMN THEM ALL TO HELL! Ahhh that felt better...

--Yah, if anyone needs someone to talk to, I recommend 'Lee' at he's in the 'Billing Support' section.

--Thanks 'Lee'.


Mood Paragraph


--I seem to have a habit of not posting 'til the darkness of midnight (I'm just mysterious that way) so I'm going to insert a paragraph I wrote for a mood paper.

"It was a cold, moonless night and a heavy mist had settled some time after dusk. The cloud had taken such a grasp on the city that even with the streetlamps on, it was impossible to tell if one was walking on a sidewalk or on the brink of an infinite, black void. People wandered aimlessly through the streets, seeing nothing but the same dark mist that enveloped their minds as well as their bodies. It would have presented an eerie sight, had someone been able to peer through the fog unhindered, the way they were propelled by an unseen force, intent on reaching their nonexistent destinations."

--I like it, kind of eerie. Oh yah, my friend friguy made a blog, so go check it out. The address is Yeah we're gonna post as different personalities 'cause we get bored a lot and he doesn't like writing as much as I. I dunno, just comic wadding...


Quote by Isaac Newton

"I do not know what I may appear to the world; but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me."

Friday, December 03, 2004

A Wonderful Day and a Well-Owed Explaination

Happy Day Everyone!

--Today my friend Drew and I presented our project! We did it at lunch and invited about thirty people, plus the teacher. We said our intro then played the first video with us orating our project (the pre-recorded machinima moment we didn't speak though), and then the second vid standing alone and the crowd loved it! They went literally wild! People we're coming up to us who we didn't know afterward asking about it! Could I see it? What exactly is it about? Can I get a copy? So cool...

--Then our teacher came back to us and asked if we would show it to the entire physics department! WOW! Were going to show it next week to all the physics classes. Until then we're recording all of the oration for the DVD, and, having finished with the layout, creating all of the menus and what-not. I'm now (this very momment actually) uploading the footage we didn't use from our 3 hour recording session to make a bonus video showing how one can reproduce what we did.

--What we did is (I realized now that I never really explained) we created a project that demonstrated force, gravity, and inertia (project requirements was for three concepts) as well as Newton's laws, with comical dialogue and video to go along with. To demonstrate we used a warthog and a few grenades. After meeting what the project required and then some, we asked the audience to figure out a simple math problem: If a couple grenades were able to move the object in a desired way, what happens if you multiply that force, let's say...ten times or so? Enter Video Two, which was inspired heavily by warthog jump (whose record we severly owned) as well as a little red vs. blue. It is timed to this awesome mix of Final Fantasy (first vid had a lot of guitar) and is about the same length as the first video (about eight minutes each; intro is about five). At the end is a blooper reel in black and white that is fuzzy, jitters, and has those lines from old reels to make it look like antique stock footage (as similar to title screen) with the end of the mix (soft, nostalgic part of it) weaving in and then the credits and production logo (eerie noise with it), and I'm spent.

--If you're at all interested, email me at to learn more or tune in here every now and then for updates. I am currently developing (along with Drew and a select group of others) a machinima as well, entitled "War -> Hell", using Call of Duty. It's a very dramatic Serio-Comic, with flashes of comedy thrown in as well as side and inside jokes for machinima fans, satirizing war, but in the past (reference to recent events is a big no-no, though jokes alluding to future events). The first episode will hopefully come out at the end of June/early July (school takes up soooo much time) entitled "Shattered Vessels".

--I am starting to ramble (starting-yeah right) so I'll finish this up. If anyone who reads this is interested in seeing my Halo project, please feel free to ask for a DVD. They're free (see previous post) and in my and about thirty others' opinion (hopefully more next week) really awesome. You have nothing to lose by getting one (if you don't like it, send it back, or play baseball with it like we all do with those damn AOL cds--no, just me? It's pretty fun, I have a soft wooden bat that I use that has tons of blue shards sticking out of it; it is starting to look like a mace of sorts. You ought to try it some time...)


Thursday, December 02, 2004

Halo Project Update


--I'm feeling much better having gotten some sleep. My friend and I comepleted the "Halo POI (Point Of Interest) Project for our physics class, and are presenting it tommorow. It involves two awesome movies with great visual and audio mixing. It's funny, exciting, etc. Really had a lot of fun making it. Which brings me to my news: we're making a DVD using that and extra footage from when we shot the project and will be MAILING THEM FREE to whoever wants one, and we'll even pay for shipping. If you want to order one now, send me an email at with the request and your address. For those of you who don't want one, you're really missing out! Every person we present to has laughed 'til they cried.

--So check out "Halo POI Project" by A-Squared Productions!


Religion, Quantum Physics, and the Letter 'm'


--This is a special treat, as I had a rewarding conversation over AIM today (or yesterday I guess because it's around 3 in the morning now...whatever) with a recent acquaintance of mine, named Zenny (no that's not her real name but it will suffice) who I became friends with on the massive online multiplayer game 'runescape'. (my character's name is 'gogorkygo' in case any current players want to visit me on the game...yah) This is an excerpt from it that was sparked when the Christian Zenny asked the Atheistic Gorky why he didn't believe in God...

--I am sorry beforehand if some of my quantum physics/computing references are incorrect, but this is the best understandment I could muster from the articles I've read.

--As always feel free to post your own opinions, comments, and/or questions. (If you have any comments/questions for Zenny, make sure you address them to her and I will forward them her way.)

Zenny: im curious.. why do you believe there is no god.. if you dont mind me asking
Ajman098: i believe that god for most is an exterior conscience guiding their lives
Ajman098: I feel that if one is strong enough
Ajman098: he or she can transform it into an internal conscience
Ajman098: if that is how they wish to live
Ajman098: i wish to live internally while others live externally
Zenny: as in yourself being your own god or what?
Ajman098: i see both as accurate and healthy lifestyles
Ajman098: nono i am not god, but i see the morals embedded in god reflected on the human race
Ajman098: i feel that the power to change, believe, think, feel, live is a product of our internal spiritual strength
Ajman098: and god is a way some people express that
Zenny: where do you think that internal "conscience" is
Zenny: or what i mean
Zenny: sorry
Ajman098: the mind/heart
Zenny: do you think there is a difference between the Christians, islam, hindu, etc
Zenny: gods
Ajman098: hmmm i think they are all guiding lights
Ajman098: God is different for everyone
Ajman098: religious or not
Zenny: yeah
Ajman098: because we reflect ourselves upon Him/Her
Ajman098: and we are all unique and special
Zenny: yes
Zenny: wow you have a very interesting point of view
Ajman098: Thank you
Zenny: hehe your welcome
Zenny: how do you think the earth was created
Ajman098: oi
Zenny: lol
Ajman098: i think the earth always was just as the universe was
Ajman098: and is
Ajman098: i think it went through a few changes...
Ajman098: its just apoint in space
Zenny: if the earth has always been here how do we still have oxygen and all the other gases and elements.. because they are always changing
Ajman098: well thats the law of matter conservation
Ajman098: i didnt say we always had oxygen
Zenny: but where would oxygen come from
Zenny: and why isnt it still happening todya
Zenny: im sorry.. im kinda a science geek
Zenny: so im curious
Ajman098: matter is always there, its just sometimes bonded with other matter
Ajman098: im too
Ajman098: carbon dioxide water nitricoxide
Ajman098: cyanide even
Ajman098: (i think)
Ajman098: (my chemistry's rusty)
Zenny: mine too
Zenny: lol
Ajman098: i have a wuestion for you
Ajman098: do you think god resides anywhere in the universe or do you think he is in a separate plain from ours
Ajman098: it ties in with the Futurama episode 'Godfellahs'
Zenny: I believe God is everywhere ... He isnt in "one specific spot"
Ajman098: ahhhh good
Ajman098: and he sees all at once not missing anything
Ajman098: ?
Zenny: sorry my computer disconnects me often
Ajman098: did you know that this idea of multiple places at once in one consciousness has been theorhetically proven using quantum physics?
Zenny: no
Ajman098: it is theorhetically posible for you to control two yous in separate places with one brain
Ajman098: though not so much brain but
Ajman098: consciousnees
Zenny: a human doing that????
Ajman098: yes
Zenny: I dont believe that
Ajman098: quantum computing which is being studied now and projected as something to become an actuality in our lifetime has the capacity to place you in two realms simultaneously
Zenny: i dont believe humans, demons, or angels can dothat
Ajman098: its hard to comprehend let alone belive
Ajman098: im still skeptical
Ajman098: but can you imagine the implications that would have?
Zenny: it would be neat
Ajman098: one could theorhetically live two lives
Ajman098: at once
Ajman098: one plus one would equal one
Zenny: i would hate that.. it is hard enough dealing with one
Ajman098: ahh but you could sleep and be at school at the same time
Ajman098: play runescape AND do your homework without having to worry about them signing you off
Zenny: skitsofrania.. however you spell it
Ajman098: there are some rather big moral issues at play though
Zenny: that is what i would call that
Ajman098: ahh but schizos have two voices that they (one person) hear
Ajman098: this would be a single voice in two people
Zenny: you can have split personalities in one person and be like 5 diffenernt people
Ajman098: but they only have one body
Ajman098: back to morality though
Zenny: that is physically in possible to have one brain for two bodies
Ajman098: not brain
Ajman098: consciousness
Ajman098: and in our physics system yes that would
Zenny: its more like demonic conciousness in my opinion
Ajman098: yes that leads me to the backlash from religious ideals
Ajman098: people would see it as an attempt at godlyness
Zenny: i would call that having two people possesed by the same demon
Ajman098: which one must never put one toe toward
Ajman098: religous or not
Ajman098: to much power is dangerous no matter what intentions you have
Zenny: are you talking about demons have to much power
Zenny: ???
Ajman098: im talking about humans having demons in them
Ajman098: no matter how good they intend to be
Ajman098: Im sorry you're sick and im becoming philosophical, you should get some sleep
Ajman098: i should too
Zenny: i believe many people are "possessed
Zenny: lol... oh i love these kinda conversations
Ajman098: im possessed by the 'silly ghost'
Zenny: im not saying you are possessed
Ajman098: or maybe remus
Ajman098: zippadee doodah
Ajman098: zippadee day
Zenny: do you believe in satan?
Ajman098: hmmmm
Ajman098: it is said that
Ajman098: 'hell is other people'
Ajman098: so i believe in an evil manifestation in all of us
Ajman098: just as i believe in the internal conscience
Zenny: all people are sinners
Zenny: so yeah i guess one way to put it is evil manisfestation
Zenny: i think
Ajman098: maybe not sinners, but potential sinner
Ajman098: at least in my opinion
Ajman098: no one is above evil
Ajman098: because evil is different for everyone
Zenny: no everyone is born with a sinful nature and will sin
Ajman098: yes
Zenny: evil is evil
Ajman098: good is good
Ajman098: the best we can do on this earth
Zenny: yeah... but i dont think evil is different for everyone
Ajman098: is to try to do more good than evil
Ajman098: to set an example for future generation
Ajman098: s*
Zenny: this is really interesting... ive never actually talked with someone who thinks like you
Zenny: not saying that other people dont think like you
Zenny: or anything is wrong
Zenny: with it
Zenny: dont take that the wrong way
Ajman098: i understand
Zenny: i hope so
Ajman098: i am happy you dont hate me for my beliefs
Zenny: i dont hate you at all
Ajman098: the northwest isnt known for its tolerance
Zenny: you have the same standing with me as you did before and i dont look down at you at all or anybody else's beliefs
Zenny: haha yeah
Ajman098: its hard to find californians who wont slice your throat for believing something other than them
Zenny: idaho is just the same way
Zenny: i think the whole world is to judgemental
Ajman098: yes
Zenny: thats probably why the world is so split
Ajman098: and why we have wars
Ajman098: and why we pay taxes
Zenny: and tons of people say what they believe but dont do it.. so that makes things worse too
Ajman098: yeah thats the thing about atheism
Ajman098: heehee
Zenny: true.. but you could say you want to live like this and be a good person and not be at all
Ajman098: in most cases people think that because they dont believe, they dont have to do
Zenny: i think no matter what you believe in you can be two faced
Ajman098: in my case i believe in non-belief
Ajman098: as well as belief
Zenny: yeah but you have standards of living and morals
Ajman098: and faith
Zenny: and you could say them to me and not be doing them at all
Ajman098: id like to think though that the way i met you though followed my morals
Zenny: i think there are many people being "real" with what they believe
Ajman098: yes
Ajman098: you are a very devout and faithful peson
Zenny: you are too
Ajman098: 'a good soul'
Zenny: i believe you have a good soul and a good heart too
Ajman098: thank you
Zenny: your welcome
Ajman098: but then again
Ajman098: according to the catholics
Ajman098: were both dirty sinners who deserve to be beaten blue with rulers and metersticks
Zenny: yep
Zenny: haha the jehovah witnesses and the mormans think the same thing
Zenny: gosh i cant spell today
Ajman098: yeah except the mormans get extra wives
Zenny: haha true
Zenny: they have a crazy beliefs..
Ajman098: well maybe not crazy
Zenny: well to me
Ajman098: but 'different'
Ajman098: exactly
Zenny: i cant imagine them
Ajman098: to you and i they are different
Ajman098: but to them
Zenny: yep
Ajman098: we must try to tolerate
Zenny: i dont know how they can put that much faith into what they believe in
Zenny: haha i know lots of them and i really enjoy being around them
Ajman098: i have a friend who's a devout jehovahs witness
Zenny: i would be the worst mormon evey
Ajman098: hes very fun to talk to
Ajman098: yah me too dating only one girl...shame on me
Ajman098: heehee
Ajman098: haha
Zenny: my mom was into that church before i was born.. so i know quite abit about jehovah witnesses
Zenny: haha gosh how darn you only date one girl
Zenny: j/k
Ajman098: i just like talking to him about why
Zenny: lol
Zenny: yeah... i find that one hard to follow too
Ajman098: i dont care about anything the religion dictates
Ajman098: i care about what he interprets from the religion
Zenny: that is a very good point
Ajman098: thank you
Ajman098: >
Zenny: hehe your welcome
Ajman098: sos that
Ajman098: <
Ajman098: ^
Ajman098: v
Ajman098: w
Ajman098: oh two good points
Zenny: lol
Ajman098: m
Ajman098: and um
Ajman098: two
Ajman098: good
Ajman098: ...curves
Zenny: hahaha!!!

--Well, I hope it was at least interesting to you (it was to me) and don't like bomb my house please if you come across something you don't agree with. (Though, since Zenny's not here to defend herself, her house is fair game...)


Science Fiction Story


--This is an outline for a science fiction story I wrote when I was bored. It's a parody of "Robin Hood". It's pretty funny. I personally think it's better than it would be if it were a complete story. Tell me what you think.



Money is taxed (stolen basically) from the poor and given to rich military figures in a futuristic pseudo-“Robin Hood” era.


Flamingo Hat, an overly simpleminded and flamboyant Robin Hood-type character who, using an arsenal of futuristic weapons and gadgets (mostly by accident) attempts to thwart the tax collectors and return the money to the poor, not so much out of generosity but more because of his blinding love for the spotlight.

Specific Dick the Kangaroo-Spleen, head of the World Armed Forces (WAF), and thus the Ruler of Earth, rules his planet with an iron fist (and a highly trained, highly paid army that is no more than a band of mercenaries united by a flag). Besides taxing the ever-poorer working class to fund his gargantuan military force, Spc. K.S. or “Kayess”, as he is sometimes called, spends his time driving away “hostiles” from his planet who are really just peaceful alien life-forms from the planet Betelgeuse (of the Orion Star System) trying to perform various studies on the Earth’s seemingly invulnerable ozone layer in order to save their own, failing atmosphere.

Minor Snottingham is the ‘head’ of Taking Away eXceptional sums of Expensive Stuff, or T.A.X.E.S., and therefore has control of Spc. Kayess’ entire tax collecting operation.

Public J.J. (John Jacob) McDoogle, or “Big Jack” for short, was the ‘neck’ of T.A.X.E.S. before “Snotthead” (as he calls him) busted him back down to Public for indecent exposure at a staff family picnic. Now this embitterment has caused him to defect secretly to Flamingo’s forces while still retaining his position as ‘middle-toe’ of T.A.X.E.S. (Let it be known that Jack is the only real “brains” in Flamingo’s outfit; though, much to his dismay, the credit is usually given to someone else.) (Let it also be known that although the nickname “Big Jack” is a mockery of his short stature, he does not seem to mind it...He does not, however, enjoy under any circumstances, being called “B.J.”)


Future Earth. Basically the same as our earth except that:
1) The name is capitalized and everything is called ‘former’ this or ‘former’ that.
2) There is much more gunpowder in the air (which unbeknownced to Earthlings and Betelgeusians alike is the cause for its amazingly tough ozone layer) causing the Earth to smell like rotten eggs (which no-one really notices)
3) The world is united under a single Military Dictator who steals money from the poor and attacks peaceful Betelgeusians. (Same old, same old.)

Notquitepositivewood Jungle, a literal forest of tangled automobiles, computer components, optical cables, and overgrown artichoke plants, is the home to Flamingo Hat’s band of depressed and ADD-stricken men. Once the sprawling Silicon Valley, Notquitepositivewood Jungle is the result of the Y-2222-Bug which for one minute on February Twenty-Second in the year Two-Thousand-Two-Hundred-and-Twenty-Two caused a massive digital tornado effect which consumed and then spat out the entire valley area in a record-setting performance of sixty seconds. (Legal Note: Due to fact that all forms of time-measurement imploded at least twice during the above stated incident, the “Sixty Second Silicon Soufflé” is not recognized as an ‘actual record’ by Guinness World Records Ltd. or any other such organization. Regardless, the record has become a widely accepted fact and, despite numerous attempts, still stands today.)

World Armed Forces Headquarters (WAFHQ) is home to the entire ruling class of Earth. This architecturally controversial city-state covers the entire mid-section of present-day United States, encompassing former Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Louisiana minus New Orleans. Due to the fact that WAFHQ took over three-hundred-and-fifty years to build, the architecture it contains is by no means self-conformant. Each building reflects the trend of the time period it was built in, ranging from the “Boxy Early Two-Thousand-Eight-Hundred-and-Nineties” to the “Cool Squiggly Line Style” of the Late Three-Thousand-Two-Hundred-and-Forties. The most non-conformant (and therefore most impressive) building is of course the Specific’s. Located in former Concordia, Kansas (the former geographic center of the former United States), this literal castle was designed by the great artist 'Unknown' using scene footage from the ancient Monty Python archives recovered from archeological digs in the Talkfunny Islands (formerly Wales, England, Scotland, and Ireland).


The story begins with a weaved-in description of Earth and the main characters shortly after Flamingo Hat begins his road to stardom. After many humorous but successful “tax refunds”, Flamingo is joined by J.J. McDoogle and begins planning his final stroke against T.A.X.E.S., during which, Minor Snottingham prepares for and begins carrying out an operation to capture Hat by joining his “merry” band of men, gaining his confidence, then leading him into a “secret” entrance into T.A.X.E.S. designed to ensnare him and his men. Well into his plan though, he discovers the honorability in Flamingo (despite his low intelligence) and the true wickedness of the government. Due to pressures from the Specific though, he continues with the trap. Unbeknownced to him, the Specific also plans his own interception force designed to eliminate Hat before he even reaches WAF Headquarters.

In a humorous invasion scene, Flamingo gets disoriented and ends up ambushing and defeating Kayess’ force. The Specific’s distrust proves to be the last straw for Snottingham, who attempts to warn Flamingo of his trap but fails when he is stopped by Big Jack who ultimately recognizes him during the ambush. This event becomes very emotional when Snottingham and Big Jack duel and Snottingham professes to Big Jack’s ‘deaf’ ears his wish to save Hat. Snottingham wins the duel but spares Jack’s life, proving to him his changed ways. Together they enter the pseudo-secret passage to save Flamingo.

During all of this, Flamingo (in a stroke of stupidity, intelligence, and blind luck) leads his men into a real secret passage into Castle Concordia, where they find the unsuspecting Specific and his top military personnel discussing a movie they had just seen. In a very confusing (as if it weren’t confusing enough) passage, Big Jack and Snottingham battle the entrapment force in the pseudo-secret passage, while Flamingo Hat and his remaining forces battle the Specific. In a glorious, ironic, and Oscar-worthy climactic performance, Flamingo triumphs and slays the Specific in the magnificent castle while Snottingham and Jack die fighting against unimaginable odds, side-by-side as brothers in the dark, moist bowels of the T.A.X.E.S. building, making the reader wonder who the heroes really are.

Before they can decide however, the entire WAFHQ is blown to smithereens by the once-peaceful Betelgeusians who, after melting, exploding, de-atomizing, adding three egg-yokes, and finally, baking the Earth’s government, take a few samples of our air and then leave to live in peace again in a huge anti-climatic climax destroyer which leaves readers with intense feelings of hate mixed with pangs of guilt and pity for the author who went insane trying to bring them one step closer to enlightenment but tripped at the finish-line. (I like toast!)


Basically a pseudo-“Robin Hood” story supported by large doses of humor such as parody, repetition, midget jokes, and overall moronicism mixed with brief moments of clarity.
Example 1: Flamingo Hat unknowingly neutralizes a large group of assassins while trying to work what he thinks is a sophisticated cloaking device but is really a simple Omnidirectional Underwear Compressor and Headache Inducing Electric-gizmo (or OUCHIE for short).
Example 2: After Flamingo makes several references to Big Jack as “B.J.”, Jack freaks out and screams profanity at Flamingo. He then refuses to speak at all until Flamingo finally approaches him and tells him in a well spoken, highly deductive, and entirely uncharacter-like narration that basically it’s not Jack’s stature that he is trying to make fun of but his large I.Q. he is trying to praise, and how, if Jack is as smart as he says, he would realize that his height is not a limitation but merely a means to get his enemy into a false sense of superiority and is by no means a measure of his character. Then, once Jack has settled down and apologized for his behavior, Flamingo says to him, “Now get back to work you stupid midget.” (please address all hate mail to your congressman)
Example 3: At one point during the story, Flamingo is confronted about his name, to which he relates the story of his child-hood tendencies to wear pink shirts and hats with flamingoes on them and how his father, his only family, disowned him for it. After the relation, someone makes the inevitable comment ‘so that’s how he got his name...’ and Flamingo says, “Oh...that’s what you wanted to know?” After a few nods he relates, “My father (whom he calls Errol as a reference to Errol Flynn who portrayed Robin Hood in The Adventures of Robin Hood) thought I had misguided sexual tendencies and because of this called me ‘Flaminghomo’. ‘Hat’ was my idea.” (Thus revealing the fact that his real name is Flaminghomo Flynn.)

The overall message created in the story is highly paradoxical. While continuously portraying what could result from continued government spending on various, seemingly useless military budgets, it ends with a covert insurrection by the once-peaceful Betelgeusians promoting the idea that, if we only direct our focus toward internal affairs such as military budgeting, we will likely miss what is going on elsewhere, which can have dire consequences (such as the inhuman events of September 11th).


The main dialogue is provided by Flamingo, who promotes endless quantities of humor through natural dumbness and infrequent moments of omniscient clarity. Set in an Americanized form of Shakespearian dialect, the dialog is a mix of everyday speech and medieval words such as knave, gander, and thou. (‘Does thou wish to take a ride in my Chevy Nova?’ ‘Dude, why are you such a knave?’)

Narration and Description

Descriptions are similar to those of the Character and Setting sections of this outline. Basically everything is described through its history and its faults.

Narrative Point of View

The one where you can see and hear everything including thoughts but not so much interior emotions, with attention based more on characters and action and not so much on background (Third Person Omniscient, I think).

--Yah, that's kind of the gyst of what I do in my spare time... unless I'm playing guitar. I hope you got a few laughs. Again, feel free to comment (hate, happiness, etc.)


Quote by Henry Miller

"Once I thought that to be human was the highest aim a man could have, but I see now that it was meant to destroy me. Today I am proud to say that I am inhuman, that I belong not to men and governments, that I have nothing to do with creeds and principles. I have nothing to do with the creaking machinery of humanity-I belong to the earth! I say that lying on my pillow and I can feel the horns sprouting from my temples."

Just a Few Sites

Hey, me again, (no-one else really...)

--Just wanted to recommend to all Halo fans out there 'red vs. blue', 'warthog-jump', and '' as the premium sites for fan videos, pictures, and such. I will soon have online (somewhere...) a collection of videos a friend and I created for a student physics project using Halo and a bit of machinima. They're funny and mind-blowing, (though rather large, so maybe I'll make them lo-res) so I'll try to get them online ASAHP. (As Soon As Humanly Possible)

--Also I just wanted to request that anyone who does view this blog just make a comment so I know that I'm getting some reach. Danke, thanks, and merci.


First Blog Post Ever

Hey all,

--This is my first blog post ever, and will hopefully not be my last! I am going to use my blog for everything from movies I or my friends have created, songs and audio I have recorded, the musings that constantly flood my mind, comedy, drama, life, and some bonus philosophical discussions I've had. Hopefully it will be a rewarding experience for not just me but others as well. Feel free to post asnything you like as long as it's not advertisement for monetary gain.